How To Save More On Groceries and Utilities Through Personal Behaviour Change

The main principle you need to uphold is to buy things out of necessity. Shopping malls are designed to make you spend more by providing a comfortable buying experience. If you spend more time on it, you will spend more. Sarah, a mother of two, explains her experience

Meet Sarah, who is in her mid-thirties and a mother of two toddlers. She works as a clerk in a nearby factory, and her husband is also a general worker in the same factory. On weekends and after work, her husband takes a second job as a gardener for a wealthy family nearby to make more money so they can pay their mortgage. Money had always been a struggle for them since they started a family five years ago, and they decided to be more frugal this year.

How I Saved More Than $500 in One Month by Making Small Behavioral Changes

One of the most surprising things about the grocery store is the price of meat. So, I decided to get creative with my grocery shopping. I bought more frozen vegetables, canned goods, eggs, cheese, and beans. These are all items that cost less than meat.

As a family, we end up not eating fresh meat for a few weeks. But at the end of the month, my husband will take the whole family for a nice dinner in any restaurant we pick. 

As for gas savings, I drive a lot for my job, so it’s hard to avoid spending at least $50 a week on gas. So instead of filling up my tank before it gets too low, I get in the habit of only filling up when it’s down to an eighth of a tank or less. This single behaviour change saves me roughly $7 every time!

Common Habits That Make You Spend More Money Than You Have To

The main principle you need to uphold is to buy things out of necessity. Shopping malls are designed to make you spend more by providing a comfortable buying experience. If you spend more time on it, you will spend more.

Apart from that, there are other ways you might overspend; you might not even realize it.

  • Discounting: Allowing yourself to buy something at a discount is an easy way to feel like you’re getting a deal, but it’s also easy to waste money because you’re paying less for something worth more in the first place.
  • Shopping out of boredom: Instead of wasting time looking for things to do, find productive hobbies that will keep you occupied instead of buying things.
  • Buying what’s trendy: Just because everyone else has doesn’t mean it’s worth your time or money. Make sure something is worth the investment before you buy it- even if others have

5 Quick Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Buying groceries is almost a mind game. You will spend more money going to the grocery shop or supermarket without a plan. Here’s how I plan my groceries shopping.

  • Plan ahead: Grocery shopping with a list is always better than going with an empty stomach and buying whatever you see at the store.
  • Buy in bulk: Buying groceries in bulk makes it easier to buy healthier food and save money.
  • Keep track of prices: Always keep track of prices by writing down or memorizing how much you pay for certain items at different stores to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible
  • Use coupons: Coupons can be found in newspapers, magazines, TV commercials, and online websites where companies offer a coupon for a specific item or store promotion
  • Stick to your grocery list: You will waste less time sticking to your grocery list while shopping.

Guilt-Free Ways to Save Money on Utilities

We can reduce our utility bills by following these simple tips, starting with the dishwasher. A dishwasher uses five gallons of water per load, so hand-washing dishes is a more efficient way of saving water.

  • Check your electric company’s website for rebates and incentives to help you save on energy costs
  • Use LED bulbs when possible because they use 75% less power
  • Open windows when the weather is warm
  • Install low-flow showerheads or aerators on all faucets in your house

Raising a family has taught me to be more careful in spending and to find more ways to reduce the cost of living. The above are some tips I’ve gathered; hopefully, this can benefit the readers.

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