How to Travel like a Millionaire for Cheap


Tip #4 – Stay in Hostels to Save on Accommodation and Dining Expenses

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Staying in a hostel is an affordable and convenient option for travelers. Hostels provide short-term leases of private accommodation, usually between one and three weeks, with shared kitchens and bathrooms. Most hostels also offer a communal breakfast or dinner, as well as basic amenities such as towels and soap.

Hostels can be more expensive than hotels but they allow the traveler to experience the local culture and social atmosphere without breaking the bank.

A budget traveler should stay at a hostel for at least one night during their to explore the city and save money on their accommodation and meals.

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Now that you’ve made your travel plans, it’s to plan what you’ll do and see while you’re there. This is where good come in. With the help of these tips, travelling to your next destination will be much more enjoyable and much less stressful.


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